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Tim Larkin ja Target Focus Training -konsepti

Nykyaikaiset itsepuolustuslajit eli Defendo, ICS, Krav Maga, MilFight, PDFS, Senshido jne.

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Tim Larkin ja Target Focus Training -konsepti

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Avataan keskustelu Tim Larkinista ja hänen itsepuolustuskonseptistaan Target Focus Trainingistä, joka pohjautuu miehen omien sanojen mukaan USA:n taistelusukeltajien koulutukseen. Miehen omaa todistusta seuraavassa:

"There's this weird belief floating around that you have to study for years and years at a martial art or "self defense"... before you can ever master it.

So what do you do in all those years between when you start… and when you finally arrive?

Are you supposed to just be vulnerable and exposed the whole time?

When I first started telling the world that you can learn enough skills to protect yourself in a single weekend… the blowback was pretty fierce.

There were a lot of people who were down right fuming that I would dare say such a thing.

I was called unrealistic, irresponsible, dangerous and even "crazy as a loon."

(Little did they know that the US Navy had spent millions of dollars and over tens years to develop just a system.)

That's because I was poking a giant hole in their biggest assumptions… plus their egos.

After all… it's to their benefit that it takes years to learn. That means you have to pay them a LOT of money along the way!

Not only that… but most martial arts or other "self defense" training is actually setting you up to get seriously injured, if not killed.

Why is that?

Because they all have RULES you have to follow!

(Even the UFC, considered by many people to be "realistic" fighting… has a whopping 36 things you can't do during a fight.)

And I hate to break it to you… but a jonesing, stressed out meth head looking for a fix does not have rules.

All he knows is that if he sticks his knife in your neck, he gets your wallet.

If you've spent years training with rules… in a real world conflict you might as well have both hands tied behind your back.

When the US Naval Special Warfare Command tasked me with upgrading the close combat fighting system used by their special forces…

they laid out 5 specific criteria that the new system had to meet:

The system had to be something that didn’t require speed, stamina, strength or athletic skill.
It had to be easily and rapidly learned and retained by all personnel.
It had to seamlessly integrate with all weapons.
It had to easily escalate from non-lethal to lethal.
It had to be 100% effective – in other words... it must work EVERY time without fail.
I spent the next 10 years searching the planet for that system.

After researching every martial arts and fighting system we could find… every single one of them failed.

It was from all that failure that the TFT System was born.

And next month - September 21-22… you can come learn that system LIVE with me in Las Vegas.

Yes, you really can learn everything you need to protect yourself and your loved one… in a single weekend."

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Tim Larkin ja Target Focus Training -konsepti

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No nyt! Blast from the past!
Älkää aloittako ennen kuin käytte kuuluisassa ja ensimmäisessä kaupallisessa menestyksesessä : S.C.A.R.S. ja Jerry Peterson. Se oli huima juttu joka vetää vieläkin Jenkeissä (hönöjä) .

Tim Larkin oli siellä saamassa oppinsa. Ei siis välttämättä siitä miten tapellaan mutta taatusti siitä miten hölmöiltä viedään rahat.

Netistä löytyy paljon matskua ja scars sivuihin tutustuminen on ihan oma elämys.