Using English as board language

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Using English as board language


Viesti admin » elo 23, 2009, 18.56

It is now possible to use (American) English as the default language in Potku. However, since the template is unique (designed for phpBB 3 by our user flammee from a template for phpBB 2), some of the key functions are available only in Finnish.

UPDATE Aug. 23, 2009: The template has now been updated. This template is the work of egg.

UPDATE Aug. 18, 2016: The template has been updated.

In forum view, UUSI AIHE stands for Post New Topic, and in topic view, VASTAA VIESTIIN equals Reply To Topic.

There are others, but these are the most important ones.
MUOKKAUS: UPDATE: Aug. 18, 2016: Using English will load the approriate buttons in English.

Upon registering, you must first accept the terms in Finnish. It is the top button of the two in the bottom of the form. It says: "Hyväksyn ehdot ja olen vähintään 15-vuotias". Once you have clicked that, you will see the registration form in Finnish. Go straight to Kieli and choose English from the drop-down menu. After that, you are taken back to the registration terms page, but now you can read the terms in English. Read the terms carefully, and accept them if you agree with them.

At this point, you will run in to an obstacle you cannot tackle unless you know Finnish. There is an antibot question that must be answered correctly. The correct answer to that question is simply: 99
You will surely see the question there.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: admin at
We will be glad to help you.

After becoming a member of Potku, you can start topics and post replies in English as you wish. Most people here understand and speak English, so you will surely receive replies to your comments and questions.

You can contact the administrators or the moderators for any reason at any time. They will assist you promptly.

Have fun! :)

Viestit tässä aiheessa: 2
Viestit: 794
Lauteille: Joulukuu 2004
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Using English as board language


Viesti admin » loka 12, 2012, 09.04

A quick look at the board and its forums will give you an idea what is discussed where.

On the very top you can see five topics which have received posts most recently.

Puumaja (Tree House)
- where VIP members can pose questions to the experts in the fields of medicine, physical therapy, nutrition, and so on
- all Potku events and trips are planned here first
- membership costs 10 euros per year and is valid 365 days from the day of payment (see more info here or contact us: admin at

Osuusmeijeri (Dairy Plant)
- discussion area for the member of Potku co-operative (contact us if you are interested in joining the co-op).

Tiedotushuone (Information Center) (this area)
- important notices and instructions on how to use the board

Niksinurkkaus (Q and A)
- discussion about notices on Information Center and about in general

Lava (Stage)
- discussion about all official and unofficial Potku events and trips, whether related to martial arts or just recreation

Pyöreä Pöytä (The Round Table)
- discussion area for members of Potku who are interested in planning and putting together meetings and other events for other members

- this is the main forum of
- discussion about topics that concern many or all martial arts or martial artists

Asehuone (Armory)
- general discussion about all weapons from ancient daggers to pepper spray (art-specific weapons can be discussed in that art's forum)

Vartiotorni (Guard Tower)
- discussion about military personnel, policemen, firemen, EMT personnel, security guards, and so on

Mahanpururata (Nutrition and Exercise)
- discussion about nutrition, injuries, exercise in general, and health

Raatihuone (Critics' Corner)
- a forum to review martial arts movies, books, DVD's, etc.

Lankakori (Martial Arts Links)
- miscellaneous links related to martial arts

Katu (Street)
- discussion about modern self-defense arts such as Krav Maga, Defendo, and MilFight

Kehä (Ring)
- discussion about competitive stand-up styles like Muay Thai, Savate, and MMA

Matto (Mat)
- discussion about various grappling arts such as BJJ, Judo, and Olympic wrestling

- a forum for Philippino and Indonesian martial arts

- a forum for Korean martial arts

- a forum for Japanese and Okinawan martial arts

Wu Guan
- a forum for Chinese martial arts

Ylähuone ("Lords of Parliament")
- all other martial arts

Kynä ja Vihko (Notepad and a Pencil)
- training logs of members of Potku

Naisten Pukkari (Women's Locker Room)
- a forum for women in martial arts

Kahvila (Café)
- open forum for discussion about politics, religion, world events, etc.

Linkkivinkkinurkka (Links)
- various links (not related to martial arts)

Ilokaasuteltta ("Laughing Gas Tent")
- the lighter side of life

Basaari (Bazaar)
- a place to buy, sell or trade martial arts related products

Ilmoitustaulu (Notice Board)
- a place to advertise new classes, seminars, workshops, etc.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the moderators (ylipotkijat) or the administrators.



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