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Risto R
joulu 19, 2012, 10.22
Keskustelualue: Lankakori
Aihe: Venäläinen HIP show, eli 2 vs. 2 MMA
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Venäläinen HIP show, eli 2 vs. 2 MMA

Venäläinen MMA 2 vs. 2 show, jossa on köysiä, esteitä jne.
- Padded arena with obstacles, platforms and climbing ropes. Fighters wear head gear and gloves.
- 2 teams of 2 fighters fight at the same time.
- When one fighter is KO'ed or submitted, the fight restarts with the remaining fighters (2 vs 1)
- If the single fighter can survive for one minute, by fighting or running/climbing etc, his team wins.
- If the single fighter gets KO'd or submitted within one minute, obviously his team has lost.
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