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kesä 14, 2018, 10.23
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Google translate to the rescue...
habitus superni ictus contra infe

In hoc genus certaminis ratione que mox depingetur ea corpus tuum compones pedem sinistrum prefigas, tribulum in libramine contineas cotra hostem, ita ut fustis in manu utraq terre sit propensus, ac ex hoc habitu pedem sinistrum, quem aduersarius preposuit, parte tribuli pensili concutias. Sed si us idem contra usurparit, loeuu retrorsum referas, ea ratione eius ictu si uitaris rursum pede predicto intro procedas, dorsum adversary pensili parte tribuli quassabis hoste in libra contra te consistente. Sin uero te eadem ratione adgreditur, pedem sinistru referes, atq flagello ictum eius in latus dextrum corporis tui repellas. Verum si id confeceris, celeriter loeuo rurfus intro progressus latus dextrum corporis adversary pulsato. Sed hostus si id remouerit, in triangulum concedas, atq si caput eius parte tribuli pensili concusserus, ab eo recedere licebit.
High habit blow against injustice

As soon as this kind of reason, which has the Picture of the fight, your body is in the things you make in the left foot forward, the thistle in the balance of reason you keep the enemy on the contrary, it is inclined by nature, so that the club in the hand of the ground on both of the land, and out of this the habit of the left foot, whom the Adversary will in charge of, on the part of thistles terrace of the shake up. Of course, if he uses the same thing against us, locus backward, that you bring back, in the way of his courtiers by the aforesaid proceed inward with the foot, again, if we live, that the back part of the terrace of the adversary against thee in the balance of the enemy, consisting of cods of thistles. And if thou shouldst thee, for the same reason he attacks them, Set the left foot are telling them, at the right of your body is the scourge of the impact of the fall to the side of the drive. But if so accomplishing all, he is speedily taken by the right of the body of his adversary again ran in the progress of the side of the rung. But to the enemy, if he removes you, you let me into a triangle, at the head of one of its parts if it has struck the terrace of the thistles, will be allowed to withdraw from him.
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